Dec 11, 2018

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Security Weekly is teaming up with InfoSec World for it's 25th anniversary conference!

That's right, InfoSec World 2019 Conference & Expo is returning to Disney's Contemporary Resort on April 1-3, 2019, and Security Weekly is a premier partner for the business of security conference.

This means we will be your premier source for all the latest content and event information for the 2019 conference. Join us, MISTI, your peers and the industry experts as we come together as a community once again to not only sharpen our cybersecurity skills, but to discover what it takes to be a valued business partner and enabler as well.

Register with code OS19-SECWEEK and save 15% off the main conference or world pass! 

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1. Keynotes that give a unique perspective on cybersecurity

From human hacking to biomedical device security, these keynotes give you an out-of-the-box perspective of cybersecurity in 2019.

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 2. Interactive & focused content

With 7 unique tracks ranging from Management & Strategies to Tech Labs and Security Roundtables there's something for every infosec level and project at InfoSec World. 

 3. Out-of-the-box networkinactivities

Learning from your peers is just as important to expanding your cybesecurity knowledge as our expert break-out sessions. Get hands-on learning with Expo activities like Capture the Flag and the Living Security Escape Room! 

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4. Targeted workshops & summits

Dive deeper into the topics that matter most to you with our pre- and post-conference workshops and summits. Whether you're in charge of retaining department employees or building an effective insider threat program, we have the right opportunity for you. Plus it's a chance to earn additional CPEs!

5. A robust Expo featuring leading vendors

You have problems, our vendors have solutions. Our Expo is packed with vendors who specialize in a variety of cybersecurity issues and range from industry leaders to successful start ups. 


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Oct 18, 2018

Saturday, March 30, 2019 8 CPEs

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM 

Keith Hoodlet, Manager of DevSecOps, Thermo Fisher Scientific; James Wickett, Head of Research, Signal Sciences; and more to be announced!

Industry leaders will discuss the origins of the DevOps movement—and how this movement has recently been adopted within security teams in the form of “DevSecOps”. In working through the genesis of DevOps, attendees will see how this movement has shaped the way businesses think about the people, processes, and technologies around developing software and delivering value to customers.

We’ll then move through how the practices of DevOps are being adopted within security teams today. The session will discuss elements of the DevSecOps Manifesto, and how these elements can be applied to the ways in which we perform security today. From this, attendees will come away with practical knowledge they can implement to change the ways security is performed within their organizations.

Finally, we’ll share how the DevSecOps movement will reshape business practices into the future—including what opportunities lie just beyond the horizon with new technologies that are just now coming online. Attendees will benefit from knowing what industry leaders are considering adopting in the near future—allowing them to get an early start in learning about nascent technologies before they need them.

Jul 31, 2018

InfoSec World Tech Labs are returning for 2019!

What They Are

These 2-3 hour sessions are meant to be hands-on guided learning for students. The goal is to teach students new skills by allowing them to work through real-life offensive or defensive simulations. Your class can teach how to exploit a “system,” how to hunt down an attacker, how to look for evidence once an attacker has compromised a system, and more. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination!

What We're Looking For

Each Tech Lab instructor will lead the class through a set of (instructor-provided) written instructions. Your job—in addition to creating the labs—is to give each student personal attention and help guide them when they have questions, get stuck, or just need a new idea or method to approach the problem.

InfoSec World attendees range from very technical with strong offensive skills to those who were thrust into security from some other, even managerial, discipline. As you submit your Tech Lab proposal, design challenges that can be accomplished by various levels of skill set; we want to ensure that anyone who attends your session can accomplish tasks and learn something, regardless of beginning technical ability.

The lab needs to be accomplished within the given time period (2-3 hours, you will choose your preferred length on the submission form). We are not looking for labs so challenging they cannot be completed in the designated timeframe. Based on past experience, we know that people like to be able to finish a project; allowing them to do so will increase their satisfaction and your evaluation scores.

How To Submit

On the CFP submission form, you will submit only a title, abstract, and bullet points describing your lab. If your lab is chosen, you must be prepared to submit a full outline/agenda by October 1, 2018.

Please note that if your lab is chosen you will be required to provide the entire environment for the lab, including but not limited to infrastructure (including connectivity), configured virtual machines, providing the lab on a USB, or any other desired delivery method.

Submit your proposal now!

If you have any questions at all, please email Jennifer Colligan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sep 06, 2018

MIS Training Institute Seeks Dynamic Speakers for InfoSec World 2019 Conference and Expo

Deadline for submitting individual papers, panel and session proposals is September 7

SOUTHBOUROUGH, Mass., August 29, 2018 – MIS Training institute (MISTI), the international leader in information security, audit, and IT audit training seeks innovative and compelling submissions for individual and panel presentations and discussions for the InfoSec World 2019 Conference and Expo, to be held April 1-3, 2019 at the Disney Contemporary Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

Security practitioners interested in facilitating a presentation or session may visit to submit presentation abstracts by September 7. In addition, alternative session formats such as facilitating a Security Roundtable or Tech Lab are available. To submit a Tech Lab visit MISTI’s Tech Labs information page.

Now in its 25th year, InfoSec World is the longest running conference dedicated to the business of information security. The event entertains nearly a thousand information security professionals who gather to learn from hundreds of speakers throughout the conference, hands-on pre- and post- conference workshops and focused summits and nearly one hundred sponsors and exhibitors in the associated Expo.

“InfoSec World combines hands-on technical learning opportunities with instructional sessions on the business evolution of the security pro from relegation to the SOC to an invitation to the Boardroom,” said Jennifer Colligan, Conference Producer of MISTI. “Few security conferences can provide the same level and assortment of strategic guidance on the entire professional experience of today’s information security practitioners.

In addition to mastering the technical skills to prevent, detect, and respond to security challenges, today’s security practitioners must also possess the skills to be both a business partner and business enabler. As the “business of security” conference, InfoSec World 2019 is looking for presenters and facilitators to cover topics addressing themes including:

  • Information Protection
  • Management and Strategies
  • Disruptive Technologies (IoT, AI, Blockchain, etc.)
  • Hackers and Threats
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Infrastructure and Operations
  • Cloud
  • Privacy
  • Hiring and Employee Retention

Keynote speakers and full conference agenda will continue to be updated at the dedicated InfoSec World website, Security practitioners wishing to attend the event may register on the website at early-bird rates until February 10, 2019. Companies interested in exhibiting or sponsoring the show may reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About InfoSec World Conference and Expo

For 25 years security professionals have made InfoSec World the “business of security” conference. Produced by MIS Training Institute (MISTI), InfoSec World assembles information security professionals from every market and field of study, from nations around the world.

About MIS Training Institute

MIS Training Institute ( is the international leader in information security, audit, and IT audit training. MISTI has trained more than 200,000 delegates across five continents, offering conferences, on-site training, and seminars in Information Security, Internal and IT Auditing, SOX Compliance, Network Infrastructures, Operating Environments, and Enterprise Applications, as well as Web-based training.

Jul 31, 2018

InfoSec World is the “business of security” conference. To manage today’s threats, security practitioners—from entry-level admins to senior leadership—must have the skills to be both a business partner and business enabler as well as the technical skills to prevent, detect, and respond to security challenges.

For our 2019 event, we are looking for presenters and facilitators to cover topics addressing these themes:

  • Information Protection
  • Management & Strategies
  • Disruptive Technologies (IoT, AI, Blockchain, etc.)
  • Hackers & Threats
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Infrastructure & Operations
  • Cloud
  • Privacy
  • Hiring & Employee Retention

Alternative session formats such as facilitating a Security Roundtable or Tech Labs are available. To submit a Tech Lab, please visit our information page.

The InfoSec World 2019 Call for Presenters dates:

Opens: August 1, 2018
Closes: September 7, 2018 EXTENDED to September 14, 2018
Notification to all submitters: mid-October

Important information regarding your submission:

  • All talks must be 100% vendor neutral.
    • No proposal from a vendor organization related to its products or services will be considered.
  • Talks submitted by PR/marketing firms on behalf of a proposed speaker must include the speaker’s contact information.
    • Submissions excluding this information will be considered incomplete.
  • Incomplete submissions will not be considered.
  • Talks that include new research, demonstrations, case studies, real-life stories, and actionable recommendations will be given priority.
  • We encourage “out of the box” ideas. Push boundaries. Make the audience think. Don’t strive to present something that’s been presented before.
  • Panel discussions will be considered for the 50 minute talk category; all panelists must be included in the submission.
  • All accepted speakers will receive a full main conference pass plus 2 complimentary passes for colleagues.

InfoSec World attendees are knowledgeable security practitioners with 10+ years of experience. As you put together your submission, please keep the attendee profile in mind. The most successful ISW talks provide actionable advice, real-world guidance, demonstrations and “how to,” and new ideas that help security practitioners become better business partners who enable their organizations.

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If you have questions prior to submitting a talk, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  • March 30 - April 1, 2020:
    InfoSec World 2020 Conference & Expo!